Talktalk Business Complaints about Worst Company in UK

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I hate dealing with TalkTalk Business.

A few years ago I made the dreadful mistake of signing up to TalkTalk Business as my Broadband provider.

I have come to dread phone calls to TalkTalk Business to sort out problems.

2 years ago I moved and arranged to transfer my account to the new property.

This is a long story. The first problem was no incoming calls 

To CEO TalkTalk Group

Dear Baroness Harding

Sorry to complain directly to you but after talking to a manager at TalkTalk Business my problem has not been resolved. I have transferred my TalkTalk Business high speed broadband and phone line to a new address: .

A BT Openreach engineer installed a new line on Wed 5th Aug in the morning. When he left he explained that we could make outgoing calls but not receive incoming calls until "he had finished the job." I was lead to believe that this would take a few hours.

On 6th August we were unable to receive incoming calls and I phoned TalkTalk Business to resolve the problem. I was advised that the problem lay with BT and that I would receive a call back.

No call was received and today we are still unable to receive incoming calls. I have just been talking to an advisor and then a manager who say that the problem lies with BT Openreach and that they would get back to me on Monday 10th August.


If BT Openreach are failing to do their job properly then TalkTalk should sort this out..... TalkTalk customers should not receive a substandard service because you are relying on BT etc. You get the picture I am certain.

Please sort this out

... to be continued

To contact the current CEO of TalkTalk Group send an email to

Ms Tristia Harrison Chief Executive at

[email protected]