Porsche 911 991 Mk2 Brochure 2015

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Porsche 911 991 Mark 2 2015

Porsche 911 991 Mk2 Brochure 2015

The new 911 Carrera (991 Mk2) - Ever ahead

We like to start from the front. In the lead. The new 911.

The 991 Mk2 

Yet again, everything comes back into play. It’s about a new benchmark. A sports car that has only ever existed once in this form. That has been a source of fascination for generations. And is firmly in our heart and soul. It’s about the future of the 911.

We are always looking forward. Not sideways, never back. For the past is too cushy a number, no matter how illustrious it may be. All the racing victories. The dreams. Our fans. Thousands of ideas. We hold them in our hearts.

But we start from scratch. And we will give everything we’ve got. We will go on the attack, to get even better. And we will fight, to defend our lead. With one single goal: to create the next 911, one that can do more, deliver more and consume less than ever before. A sports car as beautiful now as it was on day one. That is our tradition. And our future.

We will give it our all. For the best 911 of all time: the new 911 the 991 Mark 2.

Porsche 911-991 Mark2-carrera-2015.jpg

Sport: fit for the racetrack Mode switch on the multifunctional GT Sports steering wheel for four driving modes – plus SPORT Response button for maximum responsiveness.

Design: sharpened New front and rear design with fourspot LED daytime running lights, threedimensional taillights and four-spot brake lights.

Power and efficiency: increased New twin-turbo engines for more power, considerably more torque, high rpm limits and lower consumption.

Sound: more 911 New sports exhaust system with central tailpipes announces where the 911 feels at home: on the racetrack.

Porsche 911-991 Mk2-carrera-2015.jpg

Safety: reinforced Lane Change Assist and further reinforced brake system – greater driving pleasure as well as greater safety.

Stress-relief: daily New lift system – for increased ground clearance. Adaptive dampers on all vehicles – for greater comfort during everyday driving.

Connect Plus: web-connected As standard: innovative infotainment centre with online navigation, Apple CarPlay®, telephone module and Connect apps.

Driving dynamics: tremendous New rear-axle steering improves driving stability and agility.

Highlights of Porsche 911 991 Mk2

How do we defend our position? By always being one idea ahead.

Drive and efficiency

Our formula for success could not be more simple: more ideas per hp. Applied to the drive system of our cars, this means greater power output, but lower fuel consumption.

Porsche 911-991 Mk 2-carrera-2015 rear of car.jpg

This formula is also employed by the new 911 991 Mk 2 Carrera: thanks to their turbocharged engines offering immediate responsiveness, considerably more torque and even greater power output. In other words, huge power and immediate acceleration, combined with the high rpm limit and legendary sound of a 911 six-cylinder horizontally opposed engine.

Porsche 911-991 Mark 2-Carrera-2015.jpg

We’re always searching for the shortest route. Direction: future. The next gear change is no exception. That’s why the 7-speed manual transmission is precise and athletic, just like the optimised Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK). Featuring six sporty gears and a long-ratio seventh gear, PDK delivers even better figures – for acceleration and fuel consumption. That’s how we interpret efficiency.

You can also rely on peak performance thanks to new active air intake flaps. Depending on driving style and manner, they act to reduce air resistance – or improve cooling performance. The intelligent way to get ahead.

911-991 Mk2-carrera-2015 on open road.jpg

Our goals always have been sporty ones.

Sport and comfort

Make headway. Never surrender. Stay ahead of the field. Those who pursue challenging goals have to work hard for them. Yet, there should always be room for fun. And, of course, the same goes for comfort.

In the pursuit of your goals, the new 911 (991 Mk 2) will provide added motivation. Indeed, the new sports exhaust system – the first of its kind for any Porsche turbocharged boxer engine – is characterised by its impressive resonance and intense sports car sound. And the two central tailpipes evoke the atmosphere of the racetrack.

Porsche 911-991 Mk2-Carrera-2015 rear of car showing new exhaust.jpg

The upgraded Sport Chrono Package provides an even sportier tuning of the chassis, engine and transmission. What’s new is the mode switch on the steering wheel, derived from the 918 Spyder. Four settings are available:

  1. Normal,
  2. SPORT,
  3. SPORT PLUS and
  4. Custom.

The resemblance to a race car is striking - and it's no coincidence.

Sport and comfort are combined on the S models by rear-axle steering. For even greater agility and driving performance.

A highly practical feature is the lift system. It raises the front end of the vehicle by approximately 40 mm so that kerbs, ramps and car park entrances are no longer insurmountable. This allows you to concentrate on the challenges in the 911 that really matter: the sporty ones.

Another word for pioneering? Trailblazing.

The driver and the future

The direction is clear: forever forwards. It just begs one question: how do we get there? The best way is with technologies that are always that little bit ahead of their time.

Infotainment as standard for a new generation: enhanced Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including an online navigation module and a new 7-inch multi-touchscreen. In addition, all functions can be operated by voice control.

The new Connect Plus module integrates an even wider array of infotainment and real-time navigation services into your Porsche. Connect Plus now also offers Apple CarPlay® as well as Remote and Security Services. Other features of the Connect Plus module include the telephone module and wireless Internet access.

Porsche 911-991 Mk2-carrera.jpg

Sound Package Plus, with eight loudspeakers and a total output of 150 watts, delivers excellent sound.

New in the 911 (991 Mk 2): Lane Change Assist. It uses radar sensors to monitor the areas to the rear of your vehicle and the blind spots on either side. For improved comfort and safety, particularly on motorways.


An innovation is a tradition forever being sharpened to look brand new.


The design of the new 911 shows where we come from. But it also shows where we want to go.

911-991 Mk2-carrera-turbo.jpg

The design language, proportions and contouring follow the 911 tradition: with wings that are higher than the front lid; with familiar rounded headlights; and a roof line that tapers down towards the rear. The overall appearance is low, wide and sleek. The unmistakable DNA of a Porsche.

Our designers focused on making the new 911 appear even more precise. With a new lighting design and characteristic four-spot LED daytime running lights, which have now been incorporated into the Bi-Xenon main headlights. With direction indicators that are even slimmer than they were before. For a sports car that is recognisably a 911, even from afar.

911-991 Mk2-carrera-turbo2.jpg

The new front end has been given an even sportier look. The air intakes are larger, while the new active cooling air flaps on the sides control aerodynamics and cooling performance as required.

From the front, the new 911 shows plenty of bite. And the future has whetted its appetite.