Porsche 911 2.4 Litre 1973 USA

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1973 Porsche 911 2.4 litre in blue

The Porsche 911 with the 2.4 litre engine. The classic sports car whose timeless design combines technology and function.

Its six cylinder high performance engine has great flexibility and pickup.

The Porsche 911 is available in three models; the 911T with 135 DIN Hp (129 SAE net), the 911E with 165 DIN Hp (157 SAE net) and the 911S with 190 Hp (181 SAE net). All three engines have a displacement of 2.4 liters and are fed by Bosch mechanical fuel injection. The engine is positioned at the rear for especially good traction under all driving conditions. And you can have all three models in your choice of coupe or targa bodies.

The six horizontally opposed cylinders are air-cooled with one overhead camshaft per bank of cylinders controlling the V-pattern overhead valves. The forged eight bearing crankshaft provides vibration free operation. A dry-sump lubrication system ensures uniform oil supply, even under the most severe conditions. Lowered compression ratios permit maximum efficiency using lead free regular fuel (91 octane) and a a cleaner running engine.

All of the Porsche engines are rugged powerplants with high torque reserves and low piston speeds. They can take hours of turnpike cruising without harm and are protected from overrevving by an ignition RPM governor. Which helps to explain the long service life of the Porsche engine.


Comfort is not an extra in a Porsche


With all the Porsche racing victories it is easy to forget that the vast majority of Porsches are driven in normal, everyday traffic. That's why we designed the Porsche to offer the interior comfort of an expensive sedan. The interior and control panel are functional in design. All control elements can be reached quickly and effortlessly. Instruments are glare free and located in the driver's field of vision, making the operating date instantly readable. Guages are complete, providing all needed information in one glance. Both driver and passenger have unhindered freedom of movement even while wearing seat belts. The anatomically contoured seats are positioned around the car's centre of gravity and have a deep shell form for maximum comfort and stability in all driving situations.

Behind the seats is a second luggage area with abot 235 liters (8.3 cubic feet) of room. This is a practical supplement to the front luggage compartment - which because of the space saving front axle design offers 200 liters (7.1 cubic feet) of storage. This front trunk is completely carpeted to prevent luggage damage.

Owning a Porsche 911 is more than a matter of money. It's a matter of style. Porsche owners tend to be people who take pride in the things they own. People, above all, who look beyond the obvious. They understand that beyond the superb performance, technical perfection, and motoring comfort of a Porsche lies an unique driving experience. In short, for them, the Porsche 911 is the ultimate personal automobile. But to prove to yourself that the Porsche is much more you have to drive it. Your Porsche Audi dealer will be happy to arrange this for you.