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fast website hosting equals more money

I halved the cost and doubled the speed moving from JustHost VPS to A2 Hosting shared !!!

Google rankings have improved. Speed is an SEO factor. Google traffic up by 20%.

This website is hosted on A2 Hosting.

I previously used JustHost to host my websites. I started with shared hosting and upgraded to VPS hosting with JustHost. The sites were fast with VPS hosting and I was paying £480 per year for the service. I researched high speed web hosting and discovered A2 Hosting. Unbiased reviews showed them to have one of the fastest hosting setups using LiteSpeed servers.

I switched to shared hosting with A2 Hosting. This cost £120 for a years hosting. 

My page loading speeds, tested with, have dropped from 600-800 milliseconds with JustHost VPS to 300-400 ms with A2 Hosting shared package. 

Loading speeds are twice as fast and the cost is half!

The switch to A2 Hosting was simple and painless. 

I can recommend A2 Hosting without reservation.

Visit the site here: A2 Hosting Website save money and get very fast page loading times

The proof

Here is a screenshot from the Google webmaster tools crawl stats page showing the page speed loading times for one of my sites. 

FireShot Capture 2 - Search Console - Crawl S_ -

The site was moved from JustHost to A2 Hosting at the end of March 2017. With JustHost the page speed loading times were between 500 and 750 ms. on A2 Hosting the speed times improved to between 120 and 250 milliseconds.

I plan to upgrade to a VPS service with A2 Hosting to get even faster speeds. I will let you know.

Disclaimer - so impressed became an affiliate of A2 Hosting.