Talktalk Business Complaints about Worst Company in UK

talktalk business complaints dissatisfied customer

I hate dealing with TalkTalk Business.

A few years ago I made the dreadful mistake of signing up to TalkTalk Business as my Broadband provider.

I have come to dread phone calls to TalkTalk Business to sort out problems.

2 years ago I moved and arranged to transfer my account to the new property.

This is a long story. The first problem was no incoming calls 

To CEO TalkTalk Group

Dear Baroness Harding


Porsche 911 991 Mk2 Brochure 2015

Porsche 911 991 Mark 2 2015

Porsche 911 991 Mk2 Brochure 2015

The new 911 Carrera (991 Mk2) - Ever ahead

We like to start from the front. In the lead. The new 911.

The 991 Mk2 

Yet again, everything comes back into play. It’s about a new benchmark. A sports car that has only ever existed once in this form. That has been a source of fascination for generations. And is firmly in our heart and soul. It’s about the future of the 911.


No One Can Beat the Market

no one can beat the market a maxim of wall street

Despite what many people will say, particularly folks in the index fund industry like Vanguard founder John Bogle, a do ­it ­yourself investor or money manager can beat the market, even over long periods of time. The problem is that beating the market is so difficult that most people shouldn’t try. It’s true that for long­term investment advice, you could do a lot worse than to park your money in a low­cost Vanguard index fund and not think about it more than once a quarter. But some mutual fund managers have proven that superior performance can be bought or mimicked.


Which Markets to Trade

which markets to trade

Many people give little thought to life’s important decisions. They stumble into them by accidents of geography, time, or chance. Where to live, where to work, what markets to trade—many of us decide on a whim, without much serious thought. No wonder so many are dissatisfied with their lives. You can choose your markets on a whim or pause to think whether to trade stocks, futures, or options. Each of those has pluses as well as minuses.


Invest Trade or Gamble?

if you are guessing you are gambling

A newcomer to the market faces three paths that lead into a forest full of treasures and dangers.

The first path, for investors, goes through the sunniest areas. Most of those who take it come out alive, if not much richer. Another path, for traders, leads into the heart of the forest. Many travelers disappear, but those who come out look rich. The third is a shortcut that takes gamblers into the swamp.


Bob Dylan and Echo Helstrom

a young Echo Helstrom

Echo and Pan: The Girl on the Swing

“One thing that always surprised me was that Bobby ever had anything to do with me, because I was from the other side of the tracks. He was a nice Hibbing boy and I was from out of town. He was rich folk and we were poor folk. He was Jewish and we were German, Swedish, Russian, and Irish, all mixed together.”


Bob Dylan Restless to Leave Hibbing

 Bob Dylan drive and house in Hibbing

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

At 16, Bob used to tell John Bucklen, “You are my main man”—high praise in 1950s patois. Bucklen’s family was working-class, mainstream American, probably of English descent. John also had that sense of being “bad, man, bad.” Even with those nice, middle-class boys from the Twin Cities whom Bob met at the Theodor Herzl summer camp near Webster, Wisconsin, he could find some “bad” guys to befriend.


Bob Dylan Teenage Acting and Motorbike Interest

 Bob Dylan's first motor cycle Harley 45 in 1956

Actors’ Studio Midwest

Before Elvis donned black leather, the idols of many young Americans had nothing to do with music. A few idolized the genial general who moved into the White House in 1953 but a small circle of Iron Range youths found their models in the Actors’ Studio, by way of the movies. Brando’s The Wild One and Dean’s East of Eden, Giant, and, especially, Rebel Without a Cause stunned these isolated provincials.